2020 HVDRA Club Membership Now Open

Become a member of the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association and join a team of dedicated people that are passionate about our great sport in the Northern Territory!

There are three types of memberships available;

1. Racer Season Membership - This membership is for Racers to earn points in the 2020 HVDRA Championship Series, can attend HVDRA general meetings with HVDRA Voting Rights

2. Social Membership Gate Pass - Single membership - 16 years & over. (Valued @ $245) Includes Entry to all Track Championship and Street Meet Events. (Summit Round and Nitro Up North not included)

3. Social Membership Gate Pass - This consists of 2 Adults & 3 children 13–15 (Valued @ $700) Kids 12 & under will be admitted free when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Includes entry to all Track Champ & Street Meet events. (Summit Round & Nitro Up North not included)

To jump on board simply REGISTER NOW and get ready for the 2020 Season at Hidden Valley Drag Strip!

Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association successfully kicked off the 2017 racing season Friday 21st April with a joint testing session and Off Street event.
With the club under the new reigns of Matt Abel and a new committee taking a different approach to racing and the racers this, 2017 will be an exciting year for drag racing.
"We have a brand new committee this year so it was good to see we came together to put on a event with such a good turnout early in the season" said Hidden Valley Dag Racing Association President Matt Abel.
Returning to the strip for the first time in 6 years veteran drag racer and life member of HVDRA, Brian "Bad News" Smith. Recently purchasing a 406 big block Ford Cortina for his daughter. He returned to test the car out before handing the steering duties over to Wayne Morris to race for the season until his daughter is old enough to take on the family drag racing tradition.
After a 12 month hiatus, Akim Lay also made his return to the strip. 
With a PB of 10.220 at 146.82mph, Akim’s Evo 7, disguised as an Evo 9, was one of Darwin’s quickest road registered cars. Unfortunately, a fuel pressure issue caused the pistons of the 4 cylinder monster to melt, resulting in 12 months off the track for some secret rebuilding. 
This monster evo will be back on the track all season, with a goal of doing the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds at over 150mph, is this Darwin’s quickest street driven car?
Akim would like to thank his sponsors Benjamin Perry at Benchmark Solutions and Midnight Motorsports.
The Colosseum was given a workout with a huge turnout of burnout cars. Matt Cavanagh, absent from the Darwin burnout scene for 7years, swapped his microphone at the end of the night for the keys to his new purpose built VE Commodore "MAYHEM" burnout car, powered by a methanol carby 6L LS engine, he showed everyone he hasn't forgotten how to fry a set of tyres. 
The next drag racing event is on Saturday 6th May with racing under way from 6:30pm. For more information check out

2019 HVDRA Track Champions

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