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1. Racer Season Membership - This membership is for Racers to earn points in the 2020 HVDRA Championship Series, can attend HVDRA general meetings with HVDRA Voting Rights

2. Social Membership Gate Pass - Single membership - 16 years & over. (Valued @ $245) Includes Entry to all Track Championship and Street Meet Events. (Summit Round and Nitro Up North not included)

3. Social Membership Gate Pass - This consists of 2 Adults & 3 children 13–15 (Valued @ $700) Kids 12 & under will be admitted free when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Includes entry to all Track Champ & Street Meet events. (Summit Round & Nitro Up North not included)

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Team Bray Racing is on its way to the Northern Territory for this weekend’s Nitro Up North event to be held at Hidden Valley Raceway on July 21 and 22.

Ben Bray and his Gulf Western Oil-supported Top Doorslammer will be one of 16 Pro Slammer competitors hitting the Darwin venue this weekend, with the TBR truck currently on its way to the track with its precious cargo aboard.

Missing the trip up north this week is Team Bray Racing patriarch and six-time national drag racing champion, Victor Bray, with the senior Bray staying at home as he continues to recover from recent health issues.

“Dad is back home now from the hospital but his recovery calls for him to stay home and rest,” Ben Bray explained.

“I reckon this would have to be the first time that he is doing what he is told! We will miss having him track-side with us, but just as he was at the Winters, he will be only a phone call away and will be following along from home all the way through.”

At Hidden Valley this weekend, Ben Bray will be looking to kick off the pursuit of a championship with a strong first outing after coming home second in the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series standings for the 16/17 season.

“Without doing a full season we were able to clinch second overall for the Pro Slammer standings, so we are definitely keen to take the Gulf Western Oil Slammer all the way to the top step for the 17/18 season,” Ben said.

“That all starts this weekend in Darwin. It is a great little track and I can’t wait to see what we can do against some very strong competitors, including my mate Mark Belleri who took out the number one last season.

“The fans in the NT are always very enthusiastic, so that is something else all of us at TBR are looking forward to this weekend – we hope to see plenty of the local fans on-track and in the pits across the two days.”

The Gulf Western Oil-supported Team Bray Racing will be on-track for round one of the 2017/2018 400 Thunder National Championship at Darwin’s Hidden Valley Drag Strip across the 21st and 22nd of July.

Qualifying will be held from 4.00pm on Friday 21 July before continuing from 4.00pm ahead of feature racing from 5.30pm on Saturday 22 July. For more spectator info click here.


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