2020 HVDRA Club Membership Now Open

Become a member of the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association and join a team of dedicated people that are passionate about our great sport in the Northern Territory!

There are three types of memberships available;

1. Racer Season Membership - This membership is for Racers to earn points in the 2020 HVDRA Championship Series, can attend HVDRA general meetings with HVDRA Voting Rights

2. Social Membership Gate Pass - Single membership - 16 years & over. (Valued @ $245) Includes Entry to all Track Championship and Street Meet Events. (Summit Round and Nitro Up North not included)

3. Social Membership Gate Pass - This consists of 2 Adults & 3 children 13–15 (Valued @ $700) Kids 12 & under will be admitted free when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Includes entry to all Track Champ & Street Meet events. (Summit Round & Nitro Up North not included)

To jump on board simply REGISTER NOW and get ready for the 2020 Season at Hidden Valley Drag Strip!


One of the most iconic racetracks in Australia, Hidden Valley Drag Strip, will host a huge field of flame-throwing Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars for the very first time on Saturday July 13.


The biggest event on the NT drag racing calendar, Nitro Up North, will feature more nitro than ever before with 10 Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny cars ready to put on a side-by-side flame show.


When asked about the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Darwin debut, Series Manager Morice McMillin beamed, “To be going to one of the coolest towns in Australia, at one of the best tracks with some of the most awesome cars in the world is just about as good as it gets - unbelievable!”


“To be able to travel across the country and be a part of the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show is always a good time but we can’t wait get to Darwin to put on a show for the crowd at Hidden Valley!”


The star-studded field includes One Bad Kiwi, Nitro Express, The Bandit, King Kong, Red Devil, LA Hooker, Let’s Boogie, Terminator, Dark Horse and local car, The Gambler.


McMillin continued, “These cars just produce such close racing and that’s what makes them exciting. Every single car on the entry list is capable of winning and it will be a proud moment for us to see them all on the startline.


The Hidden Valley event will also feature the Nitro Sheriff supercharged wheel-standing funny car driven by Chelsea Leahy and huge field of support racing.


Chelsea was excited to once again keep the fans entertained, the wheelstander is almost always the ‘king of the kids’.


“At every event we race, the Nitro Sheriff brings the kids to the fences and it will be so much fun to make some flames and wheels-up race passes for the Darwin crowd.”


The busiest time for Chelsea will however be off the track for the Aeroflow Pit party, the hour-long party in the pits gives the little kids and the big kids a chance to meet the drivers and get up close to the cars.


Chelsea explained “It’s such a unique experience for the kids and I don’t think there is anything better than seeing the kids experience it for the first time, the kids get to sit in the cars, we have free giveaways, bouncy castles and plenty of posters to sign for the fans – I can’t wait!”


Nitro Up North Kicks off at 4.30pm with the Aeroflow Pit party which is free with every ticket to the event. The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars will be on track at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.


Hidden Valley Dragstrip – July 13

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